Feature 136: Shybits

©Marco Leitermann

Das Berliner Power-Trio Shybits veröffentlicht am 18.02. sein Debütalbum „Body Lotion“ auf Duchess Box Records. 

Seit 2018 ist die britisch-italienisch-südafrikanische Band um Frontmann Liam, Bassist Piero und Drummerin Meghan nicht mehr aus der heimischen Indie-Landschaft wegzudenken. Auf die erste EP „Idiot Like You“ folgten weitere Singles, sowie Konzerte in ganz Europa mit Bands wie Gurr, Turnover, Art Brut.

„Body Lotion“ ist nun der nächste Schritt und ein explosives, energetisches Album. Die Band wirft Post-Punk, Surf, Grunge und Brit-Pop – viel 80er und 90er also – mühelos in einen Topf und köchelt daraus ihren ganz eigenen Sound. Mal schräg, mal etwas weird, aber immer bubbly und geradeheraus. Indie-Pop vom Feinsten!

Die Platte passt dabei nicht nur perfekt auf das Label von Grant Box, was ja in den letzten Jahren mit Releases von THALA, Gurr oder Laura Lee & The Jettes immer wieder äußerst positiv aufgefallen ist. Es könnte auch genau die Platte sein, zu deren Songs wir bald wieder auf Indie-Partys durch die Nacht tanzen. Fingers crossed!

Vor dem Albumrelease erscheint am 09.02. mit „Neighbours“ noch eine weitere Single. Danach sind Shybits ab März als Support für Laura Lee & The Jettes auf Tour:

30.03.22 Köln – Bumann & Sohn
31.03.22 Stuttgart – ClubCANN
01.04.22 Darmstadt – Oettinger Villa
02.04.22 Hamburg – Molotow Skybar
03.04.22 Oldenburg – Umbaubar
05.04.22 Mainz – Schon Schön
06.04.22 Nürnberg – MUZclub
07.04.22 München – Sunny Red
08.04.22 Karlsruhe – Kohi
10.04.22 Berlin – Badehaus
11.04.22 Leipzig – Naumanns
12.04.22 Dresden – Ostpol

Die Playlist von Shybits

Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Shybits

Songs: Ohia – Farewell Transmission (Meg)

The entire body of Jason Molina’s Music always make me super emotional. I can’t listen to Songs: Ohia too often or I cannot stop crying for days. I remember once listening to this song and having to call a friend cos I had a complete meltdown.

Isolation Berlin – Klage einer Sünderin (Meg)

Every time I see or listen to Isolation Berlin I am crushed by the raw honesty and emotion in the songs and melodies. Brittle and soft, Paralysing and Deeply joyous all Exactly at the same time. A lot of the songs leave me without words. I went to see a reading and concert by Tobias Bamborschke recently where he performed this song accompanied only by piano and I’m not lying, I cried all the way home.

One Republic – Too late to apologise. (Meg)

I tried to write something about this but even thinking about it, makes me want to cry so … NEXT

Bill Calahan – Jim Cain (Meg)

Something in the melancholic melody and fragility of this song makes my throat swell and my eyes tear up. I saw Bill Callahan performing some years ago in Berlin and I wasn’t the same for a few days after.Totally captivating and moving.

The Beatles – The Long and Winding Road (Meg)

Come on I cant cope. I’ve always loved the Beatles, since I was 3 or 4. I used to set up a blanket next to my mothers’ record player & listen all afternoon after school to her Beatles records. Maybe its the violins and choir in this song, but listening to this right now I making me EMO AF. Reminds me of my mother who loved her vinyls, and who now loves her mp3 collection. Its also just such a tragic love song. ouch.

John Frusciante – Time Tonight (Meg)

I love how on the edge and desperate his voice is. The lyrics are so sad.

Jim Croce – I got a name (Meg)

Reminds of me of my darling father who loves on the other side of the world <3

Red House Painters – Katy Song (Liam)

I have always loved this song, it’s my go to song when I’m heart-broken and in a relatively reflective mood. The lyrics are somewhat relatable in some respects, as he speaks about an ex-partner living overseas, and experiencing a new life without him. The warm analog early 90’s production, with his intimate up front vocal draws you in. The end of song is dreamy, I get lost in it.

Alex G – Change (Liam)

There is something quite special about hearing vocals and an acoustic guitar, and Alex G is up there as one of my favourites. This song ends with “I don’t like how things change” repeated over and over. It basically sums me up, I hate change, always have and always will… Ouchhh!

Strawberry Switchblade – Go Away (Liam)

Probably one of the most tragic but beautiful songs I have ever heard. The lyrics are heartbreaking, you have to read them when you listen. I feel this song is so ahead of its time, sounds so fresh still! The whole mood makes me wanna cry!