Feature 154: anaïs

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Ziemlich genau zwei Jahre nach ihrer allerersten Single “My World So Blue”, veröffentlicht die deutsch-belgische Newcomerin anaïs diesen Freitag (22.07.2022) ihre Debüt-EP “44”. 

Die EP bündelt zwei Jahre Arbeit und genau das spiegeln die Songs auch wieder. In ihrer Musik verarbeitet anaïs alles was sie beschäftigt – Erwachsenwerden in einer unbeständigen Welt, toxische Beziehungen, ein Stück Selbstfindung, nur um sich dann doch wieder zu verlieren, viel Herzschmerz, aber auch Sommerabende mit Freunden und Erinnerungen, die bleiben. 

Laue Sommerabende sind es auch, die mir als Bild nach dem Hören im Kopf bleiben. Die sechs Songs sind unfassbar cool und mühelos produziert und schreien geradezu nach der Hängematte am See. Mal Indie-Pop, mal 80er-Disco, dabei immer absolut lässig. Mehr davon, bitte!


KALEO – All The Pretty Girls
I associate this song with a difficult time in my life and this song literally helped me get trough it. I love the arrangement of it and the singer’s voice – it expresses so much melancholia.

Nick Leng – Lonely Shade Of Blue

It’s such a calming song, almost like a lullaby with the piano intro. I love the fragility of the singer’s voice.

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
I’m obsessed with this song, I listened to it a billion times! Every time I listen to it, I imagine the story of the heartbroken but persistent guy so vividly. It makes me want to tear up immediately.

JP Saxe – Same Room
JP Save always manages to make wonderfully minimalistic sad songs with impressive lyrics that draw a picture in my mind. Even though I’ve never been in Portugal in 2014 or on tour with someone I’ve recently broken up with, this song makes me relate to every detail he describes, haha.

Sting – Fields Of Gold 
My mother used to listen to Sting a lot and this song has stuck with me for ages. It gives me all the emotions from joy to nostalgia to gratitude to melancholia or even depression.

Rusty Clanton – All My Favorite

This song perfectly describes the feeling of being far from someone you love. Also, the fact that there’s only a guitar and his voice throughout the whole song makes this song so heartbreakingly touching.

Dirty Blond – Temporary Fix

Beautiful lyrics that resume the pain you feel holding onto someone who’s not yours anymore. I love the minimalism of the production, piano, some atmospheric layers and a sad little violin in the end. It works so well to drown in regret and despair.

Labrinth – Jealous
I consider this one THE CLASSIC of a sad pop love song. In my opinion, it deserves the price for the most beautiful sad song ever. Although I’ve heard it one too many times because it became big hit, I still come back to it every year and realize what a masterpiece it is.

Harry Styles – Falling

This song is literally my heartbreak anthem, haha. When I broke up with my boyfriend at the time, this was the song I listened to on loop. I literally dived into it for weeks and cried my heart out.

Isak Danielson – Long Live This Love

This song is so underrated but so emotionally overwhelming. I discovered it years ago and I’m in love with Isak Danielson’s voice.