Feature 152: Sinead O’Brien

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Mutig, surreal, poetisch: die irische Songwriterin Sinead O’Brien zeigt auf ihrem Debüt-Album „Time Bend and Break the Bower“ was Post-Punk kann, wenn er gut gemacht ist.

Eindringlich performt sich O’Brien durch die elf Songs. Im Mittelpunkt ihr Spoken Word Gesang, der zwar mit Blick auf andere aktuelle englischsprachige Veröffentlichungen nicht unbedingt neu ist, hier aber eine ganz besondere Magie entfaltet. Die Musik folgt dabei ihren Monologen. Man möchte in diesem Album versinken, sich in den düsteren Welten verlieren und alles passieren lassen. 

Seit 2018 macht Sinead O’Brien mit Veröffentlichungen auf sich aufmerksam. Dabei bedient sie sich nicht nur Worten. Auch Bilder und Visuals spielen eine zentrale Rolle. O’Brien performt mit allem, was sie in sich finden kann.

„Time Bend and Break the Bower“ erschien am 10.06. via Chess Club Records und wurde, wie sich das für Spoken Word und Post-Punk aus UK und Irland gehört, von Dan Carey produziert.


Ghostface Killah – Iron’s Theme 

This is such a cool album intro, I love the off centre sound of the looping vocal. You can hear where artists like Kanye and Eminem took inspiration from this sound.

Wu-Lu, Lex Amor – South

We played a festival in Zurich last month and caught some of their set – the vocals are really direct and hard hitting, the guys have such a good group dynamic going on too. Some really good guitar sounds going on here.

Nilufer Yanya – Belong With You

This album is brilliant, one of my favourite current releases. I think she’s really unique and got her own thing going on. It feels so modern and fresh. There’s some new classics on here for sure.

Kae Tempest – More Pressure

Kae’s new record „The line is a curve“ produced by Dan Carey is another of my current favourite albums. This track is equal parts hope and despair. It’s a good track to listen to when you feel pressed, pressure can be a good thing. It’s all about maintaining your flow.

Rhythms are great too.

Ghostface Killah – Cherchez Laghost (feat. U-God)

This sounds like it could have been released now – it ages incredibly well. I think it has a soul influence in the female vocal which elevates it and somehow lifts it out of any genre. The melody is kind of bitter too and strange. I’m really into it.

Nirvana – All Apologies 

I’m appreciating nirvana’s simple song writing and how the raw vocal goes over a fairly basic chord structure. The result is that while my ear can relax and understand the music underneath, nothing too unpredictable – it’s mostly in the vocal delivery and the rawness of the whole production that it’s interesting.

It’s good to get clues and ideas from looking at how stuff I like is put together.

Fontaines D.C. – Skinty Fia

New Fontaines record is my favourite of theirs. This track is cool. It melts between genres, I like the industrial, metallic sounds that show themselves occasionally. 

Alan Vega – Invasion

I love listening to this while writing, it’s not distracting it just gets the motor going in my brain.

Warmduscher  – Twitchin’ In The Kitchen

This is what I love about Warmduscher, the drum pattern and rhythm is great. You can’t not move to this.