046 – Sofie Winterson

Sofie Winterson, Credit Paul Bellaart

Am 27.09. erschien die aktuelle EP „Moral“ von Sofie Winterson, die an das Album „Sophie Electric“ von 2018 anschließt. Geschrieben und aufgenommen hat die Niederländerin die Platte zusammen mit ihrem Landsmann Benny Sings (seines Zeichens niederländischer Popstar mit mittlerweile sechs veröffentlichten Studioalben).

Die Zusammenarbeit funktioniert. Das wird auf der Platte deutlich, denn entstanden sind vier wunderschöne Songs, die auch aus der Feder von Leslie Feist oder Beach House hätten stammen können. Groovig, verträumt, elektronisch-handgemachte Popmusik voller Gefühl. Die beiden haben ein Gespür für zeitgemäßes Songwriting und Songs, die auf den Punkt sind. Die perfekte Platte um mit sommerlichen Erinnerungen in den Herbst zu starten.

- Martin 


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I love the concept of Miserable Monday’s so much, if it was allowed to play sad music all the time as a DJ, I would be a DJ by now. 
Here is a selection of some songs I listen to at the moment.

01. Beach House - Beyond Love

Beach House is one of my favorite bands, they seem to catch my thoughts and moods in their songs and I actually feel so comfortable and understood listening to their music.

02. Nearly Oratorio - A Comforting Fact

I got this song recommended by my boyfriend who also almost solely listens to sad songs. It’s so pretty.

03. Cosmonauts - Party At Sunday

The Cosmonauts are a band from LA, they are friends of friends of mine there. My favorite sentence of the song: “I fell in love and I hated it”.

04. Gap Dream - Love Is Not Allowed

This is a song I feel more people in the world should know.

05. Billy Eilish - i love you

I think she is a queen in sad songs, I love her very minimalistic songs the most. Her voice can cover these emotions so well. 

06. Elliot Smith - Better Be Quiet Now

An old time favorite. He can write such beautiful songs with amazing chord progressions.

07. Charlotte Gainsbourg - In the end

Got this song recommended by a fan once after a show, and I love it so much.

08. Billie Holiday - Am I Blue

Came across this song in a documentary a little couple weeks ago, it’s really pretty.

09. Grouper - Clearing

My friend Laura learned me about Grouper about a year ago, what she does is so minimalistic and intimate. 

10. Bon Iver - Holyfields

Today I listened to the podcast ‘Song Exploder’ where artists talk about how a song came about and this episode was about this song. During one of his live shows, the tears just run down my face, cause the sound was so pretty and emotional, that rarely happens to me at live shows.