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Dayglow - Press Photo 4 - Pooneh Ghana

Leichtfüßiger Indie-Pop gegen wechselhaftes Wetter. Dayglow läutet mit seinem zweiten Album den musikalischen Sommer ein. What’s not to like?

Als Dayglow-Mastermind Sloan Struble sein Debütalbum “Fuzzybrain” aus seinem texanischen Studentenwohnheim heraus 2018 veröffentlichte, hatte er nur ein Ziel: Musik zu machen, die Menschen glücklich macht. Jetzt, nach drei Jahren, Hunderte Millionen Streams, Platz 2 bei mehreren Radioformaten (Alternative, Triple A), Presseauszeichnungen von NPR, NME, etc. und einem Late-Night-TV-Debüt später, hat sich sein Ziel nicht geändert, aber sein Ehrgeiz ist größer geworden.

“Harmony House” ist das mit Spannung erwartete neue Album von Dayglow, das am 21. Mai weltweit auf Struble's Very Nice Records in Zusammenarbeit mit AWAL veröffentlicht wird. Seit der Veröffentlichung seines Debütalbums “Fuzzybrain” hat sich Dayglow mit Fans auf der ganzen Welt connected und eine Community geschaffen, die Menschen dazu bringt, sich gut zu fühlen. Auf “Harmony House” wurde dieselbe Wohlfühl-Mentalität angewendet, nebst eines reflektierteren Ansatzes beim Songwriting.

Für Fans von Roosevelt, Darwin Deez oder Phoenix.

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Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Dayglow.


Carpenters - Rainy Days and Mondays
This is just the quintessential sad song in my mind. If I were to write a movie, and I needed a sad song for a scene, this is just a no-brainer.
It feels so warm yet sad at the same time— it’s a masterpiece.

Carpenters - I Won’t Last A Day Without You
Had to add another Carpenters track because they are just the best band to play when you are feeling low. This song specifically is just so freaking catchy it almost makes me want to feel sad to listen to it. Kinda messed up but so good— always blows my mind.

James Taylor - My Romance
I love James Taylor so much. It always reminds me of my childhood listening to him, and this song especially just makes me feel like I’m growing up. His version of this jazz standard is just so beautiful and heart breaking in the best of ways.

James Taylor - Her Town Too
This song is just so clever and unique. The lyrics are so relatable and honest. It truly feels like your listening to a friend talk about their ex— such good songwriting.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

There’s nothing like getting extremely existential and singing about death in a beautiful way! This is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s so peaceful and heartbreaking and eye opening at the same time. You can truly listen to it in so many scenarios and feel something deeply. Maybe because the song is about death. And we all die eventually. Yikes.

Andy Shauf - My Dear Helen
This is one of the most clever songs I’ve ever listened to. The lyrics paint such an insanely detailed and honest picture. It’s one of the only songs that ever just made me cry because the song was sad.

Bill Fay - Never Ending Happening
Bill Fay is an incredibly underrated, interesting artist. This melody is one of the most beautiful, yet haunting melodies I know. The context of the song as well just makes me feel so introspective it’s insane. Nice job, Bill!

Conor Oberst - Common Knowledge
I’m not necessarily drawn to romantic love songs. I think songs about friends are way more powerful and relatable, and this song is one of the saddest, most honest friendship songs I know. It feels so real and puts into words a lot of feelings that I haven’t seen many other songs do.

Mk.gee - i
Mk.gee is one of my favorite indie songwriters/producers. All of his songs are so creative and unique. Once I heard this song, it was stuck in my head for months and just calmed me down so much. It just feels like a friend wrote it about someone you know.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
This song is quite a bit different sonically from the others on this playlist, but it is one of my favorite sad songs to listen to. LCD Soundsystem is so freaking good at creating irony in the emotional context of their music. The song is lyrically so detailed and sad and talks about loss and fear, yet is over a catchy, synth driven anthem. It just feels so human in a strange way, and I hope to make music that has the same paradoxical elements to it.