034 – Luke Sital-Singh

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Der Song “The Last Day” war der erste Song, den ich von Luke Sital-Singh gehört habe und mir war sofort klar – wer so traurige Songs schreibt, musst unbedingt eine Miserable Monday Playlist kuratieren.

Nach hunderten Millionen Streams, Placements in diversen TV Shows wie Grey‘s Anatomy, Suits, Auftritten bei TED Talks, weltweiten Tourneen und einem Umzug von Bristol nach LA, veröffentlichte Luke Sital-Singh am 05. April sein drittes Album „A Golden State“.
Das Album wurde von Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, Soak) produziert, der auch schon Lukes letztes Album „Time Is A Riddle“ produzierte, und wurde in den von Elliot Smith gegründeten Jackpot Studios in Portland aufgenommen. Im Video zu „Raise Well“ gewährt Luke einen intimen Einblick in die Arbeit daran.
“Working in the studio is definitely one of the best parts of this job. To disappear from the world and focus solely on creating is so fulfilling. I’m glad we captured some of the process so you can all have a glimpse of what went in to making these songs.”, sagt Sital-Sigh zum Video.

Der Song selbst ist ebenso intim wie aussagekräftig. Sital-Singh dazu: “I’m not having a kid, but I think about it a lot. That’s the thing about this album: we’re at that moment in our lives. We’ve been married for so long, we’ve got a groove going. It skips around a bit – our jobs are a bit weird – but this is the point where you buy a house… have a kid… or move to America.”

A Golden State ist ein fokussiertes, hoffnungsvolles und intimes Werk eines Künstlers, der damit sowohl seinen kreativen, als auch geografischen Neuanfang verkündet.

Mit diesem Album spielt Luke drei Konzerte im deutschsprachigen Raum.

02.06. Zürich - Papiersaal
03.06. Wien - Das Werk
07.06. Dortmund - FZW Indie Night


1 Big Thief - Mary 
I discovered this song on a tour. My support act Ciaran Lavery played it in the tour van and it floored me. I had heard some Big Thief before but not this one. I love everything about it. The vocal, the space, the lyricism. It’s sublime.

2 Iain Archer - Frozen Lake 
Iain is probably my favourite songwriter alive. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him a lot. We even made my first record together. His own albums are a bit of a well kept secret. This song is my favourite. The melody and the tenderness in his delivery get me every time.

3 Bon Iver - re:stacks
This is by far my favourite Bon Iver tune. Like most Bon Iver tunes i have absolutely no idea what the lyrics are about but it never matters. It’s all about the tone of everything, the atmosphere. As soon as I hear that opening guitar motif it transports me somewhere. Somewhere sad but beautiful.

4 Phosphorescent - Song For Zula
This is a song I wish that I had a written. I wish I could sing it every night for my audience. The performance of the vocal is intoxicating. It makes me want to perform it. There’s this incessant movement to the song. Growing and growing in intensity. So many wonderful heart wrenching lyrical phrases. Love it.

5 Leonard Cohen - Come Healing 
Leonard Cohen just got better and better and better. His last couple albums before he died were my favourite. There’s something about this one that grabs me. It’s got a lullaby melody coupled with a hymnal structure, which in and of itself conjures up many contrasting emotions in me. The lyrics as ever are masterful. I listen to this song as a re-centering meditation when I’m feeling all over the place.

6 Gang of Youths -Persevere
This is the most recent song that I’ve discovered on my list. A friend told me I should listen to this band and I’m glad I did. This is the song that floored me. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes I hear a song for the first time and everything is perfect. Sometimes it all depends on where my head is at when I hear something. I’m sure there are many amazing songs that have passed me by because I wasn’t in the right place when I heard them. But I was ready for this one. I just sat there and let it wash over it. It feels sad but has so much hope in it. That’s the kind of song that stops me in my tracks.

7 Jackson Browne - These Days 
I don’t know if it’s the song itself that is the saddest thing or the fact that he wrote this when he was 16 years old or something that makes me feel so depressed! haha. If only the songs I wrote when I was 16 even the songs I wrote today were as good as this. I love the melody. Jackson Browne has this incredible way with melodies, they move all over the place, never just repeating the same thing over and over, and yet the melodies seem so obvious and so easy to follow. And obviously the lyrics, my god the lyrics. Argh 16 years old!!

8 Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaVelle - You Missed My Heart
Mark Kozelek is one of my favourite lyricists. His conversational style is so inspiring to me. I wish I could write stories like he does, and when he lands on a phrase like ‘You Missed My Heart’ and uses it to spin so many amazing beautifully dark images and worlds it just blows me away. I also love the production on this one with Jimmy LaVelle the guy behind The Album Leaf.

9 Sigur Rós - Ára Bátur
This is the piece of music I put on most when I want to feel moved. As with most Sigur Ros music I have no idea what the words mean, for me it’s just a beautiful piece of music that was all recored live in one take. It’s so majestic and takes you on a real journey. I love lyrics but sometimes they keep me in a cerebral place when I want to bypass my mind and just feel. This is the song for that. It just takes me somewhere.

10 Sharon Van Etten - Afraid of Nothing 
This was the first Sharon Van Etten song I ever heard and as soon as I did I knew I had a new amazing artist in my life. Her voice is so broken and beautiful. The voice is the primary entrance to a song for me. If I don’t like your voice or it doesn’t feel right I find it very hard to appreciate the song. Sharon has one of those voices where I believe every single word she sings. I love the tension that builds at the start of this song and gets released as the drums come in.