050 – Shura

Shura, Credit: Hollie Fernando

Die britische Musikerin Shura aka Aleksandra Denton ist ab dieser Woche in Deutschland auf Tour. Mit dabei – ihr zweites Album „Forevher“.

Die Platte erschien am 16. August auf Secretly Canadian und knüpft an Shuras Debütalbum “Nothing’s Real” aus 2016 an. Souliger, 80er-Pop. "Forevher" ist ein Album, das aus der Romantik geboren wurde. In erster Linie über eine aufkeimende Fernbeziehung geschrieben, deckt es alles von der anfänglichen Sehnsucht über die fast kindliche Freude, endlich zusammen zu sein, bis hin zum Erkennen des Momentes, in dem sich die Verbindung von Lust zu etwas beängstigend Bedeutendem entwickelt. Eine klassische Liebesgeschichte von NYC nach London, die aber durch den Filter von Dating-Apps oder Skype-Chats erzählt wird. Und während es für Shura schon immer wichtig war, als queere Frau zu leben - und zu lieben -, ist es bemerkenswert, diese Geschichten zu hören, die sich in das Gewebe der Singer-Songwriter-Tradition verwandeln: Dieses Mal bildete die Inspiration von Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Todd Rundgren und Minnie Riperton die Grundlage des Albums, jedoch mit Shuras eigener moderner Ausreißerperspektive.

Ich verlose 2 Vinyl-Exemplare der Platte. Ihr wollt die haben? Dann schickt mir doch einfach eine Mail an hi @ miserable-monday de


05.11.19 – Köln, Luxor (+ Rosie Lowe)
06.11.19 – München, Ampere (+ Rosie Lowe)
07.11.19 – Berlin, Lido (+ Rosie Lowe)
08.11.19 – Hamburg, Mojo Club (+ Rosie Lowe)

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Shuras traurigste Lieblingssongs

Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence
I think this is one of my earliest memories of being moved by sad music as a kid. I remember being really struck by how tight their two voices and the harmonies are.

Mitski - Townie
This reminds me of being a teenager and locking myself in a room and throwing my stuff all over the place in a tantrum which feels like a really cathartic way of starting your week. I love Mitski so much and this song is just so incredible live. I like that it sounds anarchic. I'm sad but who cares.

Angel Olsen - Heart Shaped Face
I love Angel's voice in this track. Her drawl is so mournful. The lyrics 'Or was it your mother' sound like they're sung with this curled lip/snarl. It's one of my favourites from an absolutely insanely good record. It feels like listening to an old movie. Or like I'm listening whilst super drunk and everything feels distant and muffled and amazing.

Okay Kaya - Dance Like U
This is such a sexy sad vibe and I am fully here for it and the lyrics 'do you dance like you fuck or do you dance like you make love' are probably some of my favourite lyrics of the last 10 years. The first time I heard this I listened about 40 times on repeat which is how I get when I get obsessed about songs.

Tomberlin - Self Help
The first time I heard this was live in a church are Tomberlin described it as a sad banger which it absolutely is, but it's also insanely beautiful. I love the vocal processing. It feels like a lost Nirvana demo.

Phoebe Bridgers - Scott Street
I saw Phoebe Bridgers in Rough Trade in London and then queued up to get my record signed and I definitely creeped her out because I had seen her play a show a few weeks earlier in NYC and told her... I think she thought I was just flying around the planet to watch her shows - which wouldn't be the worst way of spending your time tbh. I just got lucky I was in town when she played.

Clairo - Bags
I freaked the fuck out when I first heard this. It was on repeat. I love this song so much. The warped piano hook in the post chorus makes my hairs stand on end. Clairo just put a record out and all of it is great but this track was the first track of hers I listened to and it totally blew me away.

Joni Mitchel - River
I listened to this a lot as a teen and recently rediscovered it. I love that you can listen to music at different stages in your life and it means something different to you. I definitely am moved by this song in a completely new way now that I'm an adult.

Serpentwithfeet - Flickering
I am OBSESSED with Josiah's voice. I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard this song. It all comes together around the 3 minute mark and if it doesn't give you goosebumps then I don't think you're alive. What an incredible vocal performance.

Frank Ocean - Good Guy
Proof that you only need 1:07 seconds to make someone cry in a song.