52 – Rachael Dadd

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Neue Musik aus meiner alten Heimat Bristol. Die Modern-Folk Multi-Instrumentalistin Rachael Dadd veröffentlichte am 08.11.19 ihr neues, mittlerweile sechstes Studioalbum „Flux“ via Memphis Industries. „Flux“ heißt ins Deutsche übersetzt so viel wie Kraftfluss und bezeichnet in der Physik eine Bewegung von Flüssigkeiten oder Energien. Rachael versteht den Begriff als eine Antwort auf externe und innere Schwingungen, ein Protest gegen die aktuelle politische Lage und ein Tagebuch über unser Zuhause. Sie schaut nach vorn, aber auch zurück und versichert uns, dass wir uns nicht nur mit uns selbst, sondern auch mit dem Wasser, der Luft und der Erde, auf der wir leben, verbinden müssen.

Produziert hat Rachael die Platte zusammen mit Marcus Hamblett (Villagers / Laura Marling) und den Musikern Emma Gatrill (Willie Mason / Matthew and the Atlas), Schlagzeuger Rob Pemberton (Emily Barker / Low Chimes), Bassist Jim Barr (Portishead) und den Sängerinnen Kate Stables (This Is The Kit) und Rozi Plain.

Man hört genau in welchen Dunstkreisen sich Rachael Dadd bewegt. „Flux“ ist eine wunderschöne Folk Platte und bisher wohl Rachaels beeindruckendstes Werk. Die 11 Songs sind unglaublich stark arrangiert, mal voller Wut, mal zerbrechlich instrumentiert und zeigen welches musikalische und poetische Potential in dieser Künstlerin steckt.


Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Rachael Dadd

There are a few different categories I think, of sad songs, the ones in minor keys about sad subjects that are external to the writer, and then there are the ones where you know that the feeling of deep sadness is the reason for the song itself. I think all of my choices fall into the second category. These are rare in my listenning experience. There’s a lot of piano in there. If I’m feeling sad I`ll turn to the piano to write - it can resonate through you and pulls out all that sadness into a song.

This Is The Kit - Show Me So

Being a close friend of Kate’s means that i know the background and feel like I’m having a chat with her through the sadness. gets me every time. I love Kate.

Benjamin Clementine - I wont complain

I`m quite new to discovering him and I’m so touched by his music at the moment. I saw him Benjamin Clementine first on Tiny Desk Concert. I heard he spent quite a few years sleeping rough. I’ve been reading a few books about the struggles of people of (and descended from) ethnic minorities - Good Immigrant and Hate Race are really recommended. Especially as it`s black history month. So I’m listennng from the context of those books and trying to understand peoples struggles.

Nina Simone - Black is the color of my true loves hair

I love Nina, she’s like a goddess in my eyes. Her strength and beauty. She carries the weight of all her peoples struggles.

Katheryn Joseph - From when i wake the want is

I recently heard this song on 6music and all this stuff in me welled up over my bowl of porridge. A bit of a dream of mine is to get to play a show with Katheryn Joseph. I can listen to this song on repeat. The love and the longing. We can all relate to that.

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Joni has been a favourite since I was in my early teens. She does justice to all the emotions. I read that once she became reunited with her daughter she stopped wanting to write. All those years it was the separation at birth that made her write songs to ease her suffering.

Joni Mitchell - Little Green

This is about her daughter. This song has a whole new depth now I’m a mum

Sam Amidon - Saro

This is one of my favourite songs. Got me immediately on first hearing, like a jolt. I was living by myself in Japan at the time. I guess I was quite lonely and I fell a bit in love with Sam Amidon at the time.

Big Thief - Randy

My fiend Charlotte who i`ve recently started collaborating a bit with is a great source of new music finds. This is the latest. Adrianne Lenker the lead singer intrigues me a lot and I want to know more about her life. There are clues in the songs but mystery too. The genuine sadness can be felt.

Diane Cluck - Touch Deprivation

Diane Cluck manages to be quirky even in the face of such sadness.

Andy Skellam - Green Moat

I’m book ending this playlist with close friends. The sadness of friends is hard but it also connects us. We can have a shared empathy, a hand held, a mutual exchange. Sadness in songs is conversation, and through it we let down our barriers, have a cry and a hug together. We can all feel better for that.