113 – Florence Arman

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Die junge britische Songwriterin Florence Arman hat am 18.06. ihre Debüt-EP „Out Of The Blue“ veröffentlicht.

Ganz unbekannt ist Florence nicht. Mittlerweile lebt sie in Wien und war bisher vor allem im Hintergrund unter dem Pseudonym „klei“ aktiv. Sie schrieb Songs für andere Künstler:innen, oder sang die Backings für diese. Mit der EP wagt sie nun den Schritt in die Öffentlichkeit – mit ihrem Namen und ihren Geschichten. Und das gelingt ihr ausgesprochen gut. Mit leichtfüßigem Indie-Bedroom-Pop, catchy Lyrics und einer markanten Stimme öffnet sie die Tür zu ihrer Gedankenwelt. Produziert hat sie die sieben Songs mit Hilfe ihres Bruders Sebastian und dem renommierten Wiener Produzenten filous.  

"My debut EP ‘Out of the Blue’ is a collection of songs I wrote to accompany and help me through various situations over the last few years. So much happens all the time and we don’t always have time to deal with these things. In these last years I moved countries, lost friends, made friends, and rearranged my life so many times. This was my way of taking some time to reflect every now and again and to soothe whichever wounds needed tending to. Basically like therapy, but a bit cheaper and you have to put it on tiktok.” 


Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Florence Arman.


Opia - Strings Attached

Once when I was in LA I worked with one of the guys from Opia and he was really lovely and amazing and we had a great time. Then a few days later I was at a café and heard this song come on and was so hooked I had to Shazam it straight away. Then I saw it was him! Ha! Still one of my favourite songs in the world. 

Calvin Harris - Neon Rocks

I discovered this Album when I was about 17, which must have been an intense age somehow, because every time I listen to this it puts me right back and I picture myself walking down the road in my hometown on my way to some crap club.

RY X - Howling

I had a phase of obsessively listening to RY X when I was figuring out some difficult boyfriend stuff and now he’s my best friend, even if he doesn’t know it yet. 

Golden Vessel - Midwest

So Max is a good friend of mine and one of the best producers I know. Last time we saw each other he played us this song just before it was released and I lost my miiiiind it is so gooood! 

Way Wreckaz - Bun Dung

These are my favourite DJs and make the sickets tunes, I just love everything they do. 

 Gashi - Roses

This is a song my brother and a friend wrote and produced. I went nuts when I heard this song! My brother is a bit older than me and has been my biggest musical influence, always when we saw each other he used to put music on my MP3 player so I had cool shit to listen to. 

Julia Michaels - All Your Exes

This is such a well crafted and well written song that just gets me super excited. 

Seeb, Neev - Breathe (acoustic)

I saw Neev live at the Eurosonic festival a few years ago, and just sat there with my mouth open for an entire hour, I was so hooked.

Aldous Harding - Horizon

Before I knew Aldous Harding, a friend who is also an amazing director, sent me one of her music videos. And after seeing this video I kept thinking about her every few days, she has something so intriguing. Until one day I spent 8 hours just watching her interviews, then I was officially obsessed.

Billy Joel - She’s Always a Woman

I might be the biggest Billy Joel fan in the world. I have a very vivid memory of my uncle playing and singing this song and it was so moving, the lyrics kill me every time. </3