61 – Lola Marsh

Lola Marsh stehen für Pophits, warme Harmonien und smarte Texte. Die aus Tel Aviv stammende Band wurde 2013 von Gil Landau (Gitarren, Keyboards) und Yael Shoshana Cohen (Gesang) gegründet. Zusammen mit ihrer 5-köpfigen Band machten sie beim Primavera Sound 2014 zum ersten Mal in großem Stil auf sich aufmerksam. Es folgten Festivalauftritte, wie beim Exit und Pukkelpop und eine große Europatour. Das Debütalbum "Remember Roses" erschien im Juni 2017; die Single "Wishing Girl" wurde ein Europa-weiter Fanfavorit und stieg in Deutschland bis in die Top 40 Airplay Charts. Auch international wurde man auf Lola Marsh aufmerksam: So kamen mehr als 40 Millionen Streams und einige US-Synchs zusammen - zum Beispiel bei "Better Call Saul".

Am 24.01. erschien nun ihr zweites Album „Someday Tomorrow Maybe“.

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Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Lola Marsh

Fleet Foxes- Shrine / An Argument 

This band was a huge inspiration for us when we just started our band. their melodies and vocals are so unique, and this particular song really opens your heart. 

Tame Impala - Let It Happen
What a song! the first time we heard it, we were on tour, and played it in the van, we were all shocked. such cool vibes and original sound. And the fact that it’s almost 8 min song is very very brave. We also met this band once in a festival in Slovakia and they were really nice and cool. Kevin Parker is definitely one of the most talented musicians out there. 

Beach House – Wishes

This song has the perfect combination of cool & moving. The melody is so beautiful, and the arrangement is brilliant. 

Temples – Move With The Seasons
First time we heard this band was when we played in primavera festival a couple of years ago. It was pouring rain but the crowed was on fire. They played so good, and this song really stood out. So beautiful.

Rihanna - Desperado
What a singer. What a song. 
Rihanna’s voice is one of the most wonderful voices. 
It has this crooked yet strong color. So good. 

Whitney - No Woman 
The perfect road song. 
The guitar line is heavenly, and the vibes are very unique, 

Sufjan Stevens - The Only Thing
This song is a treasure. And the album “carry and Lowell” is one of the most beautiful albums in this world. A perfect sad winter album. 

Bon Iver - Hey, Ma
A beautiful mellow song, with a pure nostalgic feel. 

Totemo - Origami 
This song is very special, It really takes you to another world. 
The verse is tender and extremely beautiful and the chorus is strong and epic. Rotem or AKA Totemo is an amazing artist and a Tel avivien as well. 

Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More

We LOVE soundtracks. And especially westerns soundtracks. 
It is a huge inspiration for us. 
The drama, the feel of riding and walking inside an adventure, the landscapes, the orchestration and epic moments. We love it.