62 – Poliça

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Poliça live 2020:
16.02.2020 Zoom (Frankfurt)
18.02.2020 Artheatre (Köln)
19.02.2020 Grünspan (Hamburg)
25.02.2020 Columbia Theater (Berlin)
29.02.2020 Hansa 39 (München)

Als Poliças Channy Leaneagh Anfang 2018 beim Eiskratzen vom Dach ihres Hauses fiel, zog sie sich schwere Verletzungen ihrer Wirbelsäule zu. Folglich musste sie monatelang ein Korsett tragen und konnte sich nur eingeschränkt bewegen.

Dennoch beschäftigt sich Poliças viertes Album "When We Stay Alive" nicht ausschließlich mit dem kräftezehrenden Unfall. Vielmehr geht es auf dem Album um die erlösende Kraft, die eigene Geschichte neu zu schreiben, um wieder gesund zu werden und die eigene Identität zurückzugewinnen. 

Auf Poliças ersten drei Alben fokussierte sich Leaneagh darauf die Welt und ihre Beziehungen innerhalb dieser neu für sich zu strukturieren. Auf "When We Stay Alive" entdeckte sie die Kraft darin ihr innerstes Ich neu zu ordnen. Der Albumtitel ist eine Referenz an die forwärtsgewandte Bewegung im Leben – unsere Erfahrungen, ob gut oder schlecht – und die Auseinandersetzung mit der Stärke, die wir darin finden.

“I had been living unconsciously in past trauma”, sagt Leaneagh. “I don’t want to deny something happened – this is not about repression – it’s about taking the power back from the past, holding the power in the present, and creating a new story for myself.”

"When We Stay Alive" besitzt im Hinblick auf seinen Sound eine neue Form von Selbstvertrauen, das sich in den leideschaftlichen, zielstrebigen Songs widerspiegelt und in den schweren Synthesizern sowie Beats von Poliça Gründungsmitglied und Produzent Ryan Olsen verankert sind.


Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Poliça

Frank Ocean - "Pink Matter"
I cried the first time I heard this. It so perfectly captures this feeling of deep and secret mad in love with someone and it is denied or it is cut off from you and the remembering of that moment when you felt them and you.

Donny Hathaway - "I Love You More than You'll Ever Know"
This is a feeling of regret and loss that sometime you need to feel deeply and sing along with when you feel like you fucked up or someone fucked up in loving you.

Bridge of Death - "From Chernobyl"
This song reminds you probably it's not that bad...like not nuclear disaster/radiation burn bad...the heartache you are experiencing.

Songs from Liquid Days: No 1, Changing Opinion by Phillip Glass and Michael Riesman
This song makes me feel not alone when I feel alone. It fills me with so much light and like there are still wonders left to be discovered.

Mount Eerie - "Real Death" 

This is it. The saddest song of all time. When real death enters the room all poetry is dumb. Enough said. 

Bill Callahan - "Circles" 
A song about his mother passing, and her final days in the hospital flirting with the boys on the library floor. 

Joep Beving - "Midwayer"

We met Joep outside of a venue in Eindhoven, Netherlands as he towered over Ryan at 6'10". It was such a treat to discover that he writes and records some of the most devastating solo piano recordings ever. Recommended for lonely listening.  

Brian Eno - "The Big Ship"
Not sure if this song is sad, but it is definitely emotional. I want to hear this when ascending to the next plane of existence, whether it be a tunnel of light or a blanket of darkness. 

Gilbert O’Sullivan - "Alone Again, Naturally"
There is something extra sad about a song as devastating as this being sung with a smile. But that's how I picture Gilbert as he contemplates suicide after the loss of his Mother and having his heart broken. 

Syd Barrett - "Dark Globe" 
You can hear poor Syd’s bright shining star slowly burning out all over the Madcap Laughs, though his brilliance never clearer. Some of the songs sound like a plea for help as the darkness slowly surrounds him. In a few short years he would unravel completely, retreating from the world altogether.

Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters - "Cry Baby"
I’ve cried to this song. ‘Nuff said.