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Wenn schon nicht live spielen, dann wenigstens the next best thing – ein Livealbum. Das hat sich Emily Underhill alias Tusks gedacht und am 25.09. ihre aktuelle Platte "Live at Village Underground" veröffentlicht. Aufgenommen bei ihrer dortigen Headline-Show im November 2019. Zu einer Zeit also, wo alles noch „normal“ war und die jetzt, zwölf Monate später, so unglaublich weit weg scheint.

Auf der Platte sind Live-Versionen von Songs ihrer ersten beiden Alben „Avalanche“ und „Dissolve“. Düster, roh, aber immer mit Gefühl singt sich Emily ihre Schmerzen vom Leib. In ihren Songs behandelt sie ihre eigene Zwangsstörung und Probleme mit mentaler Gesundheit und schwingt dabei musikalisch irgendwo zwischen Marika Hackmann, Daughter und Wolf Alice.

„Live at Underground Village“ ist ein fantastisches Livealbum, bei dem nicht nur die Songs unglaublich guttun. Auch das applaudierende Publikum weckt bei jeden Konzertgänger zwangsläufig nostalgische Gedanken und bei mir zumindest das optimistische Gefühl, dass wir das alle bald wieder erleben dürfen.

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Die traurigsten Lieblingssongs von Tusks.

Apparat, Soap & Skin - Goodbye
I'm a huge fan of Apparat and remember being so taken aback by this song when it came out because it was so different to his other releases. It's about saying goodbye in a relationship and the lyrics describe the feeling so perfectly on top of this really dark production that just kinda makes you twist up your insides and feel like you're right there living that situation
Daughter - Smother 
Daughter's another band that I think are so amazing at writing lyrics that describe experiences in life with such precision that you feel like they're reading your thoughts. I think feeling like you're a burden to others is something that a lot of people struggle with and this song is so gut wrenchingly accurate in how it describes that feeling. 
Lord Huron - The Night We Met
I came across this song when it was used in 13 Reasons Why and it really got me. The chorus - 'I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you, take me back to the night we met'  really hits me. I'm always amazed when people manage to write lyrics that are so simple but so effective. It perfectly relives that situation for me where you're losing someone in those stages & you just wish you could go back to the start. 
Ben Howard - End Of The Affair 
I'm not sure what he's singing right at the end of this but I always hear it as 'this is hell, what the hell' and every time I listen to it, it gives me shivers. I saw him playing live in London and he was screaming it into his guitar pickups - it was so powerful.  
Lapalux, Lilia - Limb To Limb
I'm a bit obsessed with everything that Lapalux releases and Lilia's vocal on this is so beautiful - it kinda feels really understated but has such a huge impact on me. 
Julien Baker - Appointments 
This whole song is just so raw and personal and I really resonate with the experience of going through mental health issues and it damaging a relationship, it's such a painful and relatable song. 
Justin Vernon - Love More (Live)
I love music that sounds really live and has the huge reverberant feel that this song has. Justin Vernon always writes and sings an amazing sad song but I like that this one is a bit rarer and not as overplayed. 
Sampha - Can't Get Close
The vocal layering on this is beautiful - he's so expressive with his voice and it has such a nice tone. I remember having this EP on repeat when I first moved to London, it's so nostalgic for me. 
The Cinematic Orchestra, Tawiah - Wait For Now / Leave The World 
This song is so cinematic and always gives me this intense sense of melancholy right from the start. I love how it builds and Tawiah's vocal is incredible, especially when the harmonies come in, and then the end just feels kind of dream-like. 
Burial - Come Down To Us 
I feel like Burial is just on another level when it comes to tracks like this - it's like a short audio film rather than a song & so textural and moves through all these different scenes. I think Burial is one of those artists that you just want to listen to alone on headphones lying on your bed in the dark. I always feel like i've been through something when i listen to this EP.